Ready-mix plaster is prepared by blending cement, graded aggregates and additives (if any) in a controlled factory setting to ensure consistency in proportions as well as overall quality. It drastically improves on-site productivity and reduces labour dependency as many of the intermediary steps of conventional plastering are avoided all together. These steps include sieving sand, shifting lose material as well as mixing sand and cement manually which usually results in inconsistent mortar ratios. Since all the required raw materials have already been mixed in defined volumes, all one has to do is add water to our product and apply as in the case with regular mortar.

All this adds up to an enhanced expected daily output of nearly 15-20% in terms of area (sq.ft)/mason which will reduce your labour costs as well as other incidental expenditures regularly incurred with conventional site mix. Not having to deal with lose material (sand and cement) reduces wastage considerably. Nearly 20% of cement by weight is blown away by wind which constitutes a significant hidden cost when mortar is prepared on site. IDEAL MANPLAST, being packed in a defined volume of 40 KG bags with an inner liner, can be used with any remaining quantity at the end of the day’s work easily stored away.

Being a factory made product, blending of sand and cement is done mechanically which in turn guarantees through mixing which is not the case when done manually at site. Improper mixing leads to several issues during application such as the mortar falling of the surface regularly during application which is known as rebound loss. Even more serious is that chance of cracks developing on the plastered surface in the future is high. Therefore with a ready mix product you can be assured that both rebound loss and shrinkage cracks are greatly reduced.

The sand used being of a certain grade, restricted for particle size, further enhances the benefits of using a ready mix mortar. This greatly improves workability of the mortar which would allow the masons to work with more ease and finish faster as it requires less effort to level and finish the areas where plastering is done. Sieving at site is a cumbersome and time consuming process which dampens productivity affecting both the speed of work as well as quality of the plastering being done.



In a market traditionally driven by manually mixed products on site, IDEAL DRYMIXES has been providing solutions to meet the growing demand for higher productivity since 2008. The Indian construction industry is in a transitory phase where more and more customers are looking for higher quality products that make site management easier. The streamlining of various supply chains and delivering a product that takes several uncertainties out of the chaotic environment found at a construction site will result in tangible long term monetary benefits as well. This philosophy of delivering products for the future is what lead to the introduction of our proven ready mix plaster – IDEAL MANPLAST. Optimal use of raw materials,  mechanization as well as standardization of the manufacturing process on the whole has made this product a tried and tested one in several projects across South India (please refer to the list of few projects where this product was used given below).

Along with the product, the customer would be a beneficiary of IDEALs (an ISO certified company) industry leading service. Being a factory made in-house product, we can manufacture the mortar as per the specific requirements of the project. This could be in terms of altering the cement to sand ratio, having valued added features such as – integral waterproofing, enhanced crack resistance and any other additive specifically required for the project thus providing the much needed product flexibility that most other manufacturers cannot offer.

Our experienced and proficient team also sees to it that all the required support, both technical and supply related are at your doorstep. We strive to offer the best logistical support by ensuring orders are delivered on time as well as providing around the clock support for our customers.



The most recent addition to our range is a specially formulated mortar – IDEAL MANPLAST PLUS – that offers several value added features in one product. This product has been designed and developed from the ground up with attention to minute details such as particle size of sand used which follows a specific distribution curve to optimize workability and coverage while at the same time minimizing any chances of shrinkage cracks developing in the future. Certain high quality imported admixtures are present to give this product true value addition having features such as self-curing, integral waterproofing and high strength. The product is versatile in that it can be confidently used for external plastering as well without having to worry about the damaging effects of weather later. Add to this all the other benefits of using a ready mix mortar outlined above and you have a product that would certainly meet all your plastering needs at site.




  • Superior quality of mortar ensured by stringent quality checks of raw materials used
  • Thoroughmixing of cement and sand done mechanically
  • Exact mortar ratio (by volume) and consistency of product guaranteed
  • Graded sand used ensures lower rebound loss as well as enhanced workability



  • Many of the intermediary steps such as shifting of loose material, sieving and finally mixing are completely avoided. This results In significant labor saving.
  • In case of conventional site-mix plaster, minimum of 2 helpers are required for 2 masons whereas for Ideal Manplast, no of helpers can be reduced to one for 2 or more masons.
  • Enhanced speed in work as masons have to just add water and apply.
  • Leave the headaches of sourcing cement and sand to us. Being an ISO certified company committed to quality & consistency, we ensure that industry-standard cement and sand are used for production in the right proportions.
  • Thorough mixing of sand and cement areensured as it is done mechanically in our factory.
  • Issues of shrinkage cracks greatly reduced as the content of fine particles is lower when compared with site-mix plaster.
  • Improved workability over conventional site mixed plaster as the sand used is graded in a factory controlled setting.
  • Higher coverage as fine particles of sand are sieved resulting inmid to larger sized particles contribute to more area covered per kg of material.
  • Reduced re-bound loss due to the fact that our graded sand has fewer over-sized particles which cause material to fall ofthe surface.
  • Easy handling and storage as material is packed in 40 kg bags (or less if required) and hence can be stocked more easily in comparison to loose material. This also helps with more efficient inventory planning for the buyer.



  • Remove dust, loose particles and clean the area of application.
  • Wet the substrate prior to application of IDEAL MANPLAST/MANPLAST PLUS.



  • Add clean water to MANPLAST until you get a consistent mix.
  • NOTE: Water has to be added to the powder as opposed to the other way around which will result in poor mixing.
  • Usage of a slow speed electric mixer instead of mixing by hand is highly recommended.
  • Allow the mortar to stand for few minutes, remix again and MANPLAST is now ready for use.
  • Prepared MANPLAST must be used within 60 minutes so prepare the batch accordingly.
  • If the substrate is smooth (for example: concrete), it is recommended to hack the surface prior to application.
  • Apply plaster using pressure while finishing with a float just as you would with conventional site mixed mortar.



  • Coverage (per 40 kg bag): 16 to 18 sq. at 15 mm thickness.
  • Depending on general surface unevenness.
  • Water required by volume (per 40 kg): 8 to 10 liters.
  • Pot life: < 60 minutes.
  • Shelf life: 6 months from dateof manufacturing.
  • Appearance: Grey powder.


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