Introducing to you the future of gypsum plastering for the Indian construction industry, today. Conventional methods of gypsum plastering are both cumbersome and lead to a high level of wastage. Our system, in which a specially modified form of Iranian gypsum mortar with the purity of 96%+ is used in conjunction with a rotor stator-based plastering machine, solves these problems significantly. The machine effortlessly sprays the gypsum-based material onto the surface, which can then be finished manually by skilled masons. The higher than usual viscous material sticks onto the desired surface, which lowers the rebound loss considerably. If employed efficiently, this system can produce results of at least double the output from the same mason with on-site wastage reduced considerably.



Color White
Initial Setting Time Min 8 – 10
Final Setting Time Min 16 – 18
Water Stucco Ratio % 70 – 75
Compressive Strength N/mm2 15 – 17
Flexural Strength N/mm2 5 – 6
Fineness % 200 mesh passing size > 96
CaSO4 ½ H20 % >97
Sodium Chloride % <0.01
Silica Oxide % <0.50
Calcium Carbonate % 0.08 – 0.09
Iron Oxide (Fe2o3) % <0.05
Gypsum Binder Content % 86
Adhesive Strength N/mm2 0.25
Surface Hardness N/mm2 4.30
Surface Coverage 0.6 – 0.7 sq.ft (per Kg) at 12 mm thickness









Double the productivity of your existing labor force


Labor is a key resource in construction, which is becoming more and more scarce as well as costly as we move forward. Add to this the fact that skilled masons for gypsum plastering are a rare commodity as the expertise required is very different from the usual method of using cement-based mortars. In such an environment, reducing reliance on labor as well as improving the productivity of the existing team becomes critical. This is where IDEALs’ machine applied gypsum plastering system comes into the picture. With the machine being able to spray in excess of 2500 sq.ft of area in a day (with 4 hours of operation which can be increased as well), a team of proficient masons can finish this area effortlessly. Also to be considered is that our material, which is modified at our own facility, comes in a pre-mixed form and needs to be just fed into the machine that takes care of mixing it with the required amount of water for spraying. Machine mixing ensures the same consistency of the material is sprayed every time and eliminates the need for manual mixing that gives inconsistent results. Along with increasing the output of masons, the need for support labor as well as additional supervisory personnel is greatly reduced which means a smaller team can achieve the same or even more output when compared with the contemporary method.  All these savings in labor will translate to a more economical solution for your plastering needs in the long run.


Reduce wastage considerably

Our material that is modified with the use of specific additives, sticks onto the surface much better compared to conventional Gypsum used for manual plastering. This means your masons will have more time for finishing the sprayed area. Not only does this improve the labor productivity as explained above but also reduces the chance of material falling off. Gypsum once fallen on the ground, apart from making the area messy, is practical of little use with most of it going to waste. The actual material cost is much higher as a result when considering this high level of wastage. The fact that our materials’ open & setting times can be modified further allows the worker to carefully work on the applied area and reduce wastage to the bare minimum.





How are we different from other material manufacturers?

Having extensive hands-on experience in this field, we understand the need and importance of qualified technical expertise when it comes to machine operation. This is why to bridge the gap between a proven product and a complex plastering machine, we are offering an operator as part of our package. Being formally trained, this individual has the required skillset to resolve most machine-related issues on site itself. He will also be involved in the critical day to day operation related activities such as setting the required pressure for spraying, replacing a worn-out rotor-stator (a major consumable for the machine), and overseeing spraying activity in general.

This way the customer has reliable on-site expertise throughout the entire project duration and peace of mind that work won’t get affected due to any costly downtime. This competent individual foresees any problem as well as makes sure that consistent spraying takes place on a daily basis without any delay making machine plastering a viable and practical option unlike how it’s thought out to be.




Are you sure you are using the right machine?

We provide you with imported, state-of-the-art machines which have been used extensively with our material in the harshest of site conditions. To provide the customer further peace of mind, highly proficient operators manage the machine from start to finish. The maintenance and service needs of the machine will be taken care of by our professional team around the clock, thus ensuring consistency in your project schedule.

Our value proposition in exchange for your trust

Being an approved applicator of IDEAL DRYMIXES opens doors to an exciting world of opportunities taking into account the prevailing market conditions. IDEAL has proven its proficiency in the business of machine plastering by developing its product – IDEAL SPRAYPLAST – over years of strenuous R&D efforts. What sets us apart is that we see you as a partner in every way, which can be seen with the level of support we commit to. Furthermore, we see ourselves as far more of a solution/technology expertise provider rather than just a material manufacturer. As an applicator, you and your team will be the recipients of un-matched support that very few companies are able and willing to provide.

The benefits you will enjoy, which are not limited to the following, as an approved applicator of IDEAL DRYMIXES are –

         Training is given to your masons and supervisory personnel at our facility

  • We will provide your masons working knowledge of our material as well as train the supervisory team on how to carry out day to operation as per our proven system to ensure maximum output per mason. The training will be carried out at our well-equipped facility located in Karur, Tamil Nadu.  This practical exposure will help your team be confident and replicate the work that needs to be done at the site while be prepared for any obstacle that may have to be faced.

        A qualified team to support you day in and day out

  • IDEAL will provide you with extensively trained professionals to help you with all possible queries and obstacles. Having vast experience in each and every aspect of machine plastering, we will help your team achieve the stated outputs through both on-site as well as remote assistance.

       Proficient technicians to operate the machines

  • Highly trained and skilled operators will help you ensure consistent spraying is done on a daily basis, thus taking care of the most uncertain part of the entire process leaving you free of any hassles. These skilled individuals have the ability to operate as well as maintain the machines and their vast experience with onsite work helps them with foreseeing and rectifying any problem that may come up.

        Material that gives you the flexibility

  • Being an in-house engineered and manufactured product, you can ask for the mortar to be customized as required for the project. Customization can be done in terms of –
  • *Setting time or open time of gypsum
  • *Packing size (standard packing is 20 KG HDPE bags)


        Providing machines (depending on availability)

  • Wouldn’t it be good to try out machine plastering without having to invest in a machine upfront. Reliable machines are a considerable investment, which without the right expertise can be a wasted resource.  With our machines, you can avoid having to worry about this and focus on project execution, to begin with. At a later stage, we can help you with procuring machines, which will be a valuable asset moving forward for your operation