Introducing a cotemporary solution to plastering where undulations are minimal. CEILINGPLAST is a product consisting of 2 components that is manufactured by IDEAL DRYMIXES to serve the purpose of plastering in layers of as thin as 6 mm.  This requires the mortar to have exceptional strength as conventional site-mix material, consisting of sand and cement alone, has to be applied in thickness of at least 12 mm to achieve the required adhesion and avoid crack formation in the future. Avoiding having excess material where it is not required greatly reduces both manpower reliance and material expenses involved.

IDEAL CEILINGPLAST is a product that consists of 2 components, which are namely BASE COAT and FINISH COAT.

  • BASE COAT – a grey cement polymer modified mortar that can be applied in coats as thin as 6 mm.
  • CEILINGPLAST FINISH COAT – a white cement polymer modified render to give the finishing touches and prepare the surface for painting (if required). This product can be applied in layers of upto 2 mm in thickness.

Our system, therefore, provides an end-to-end solution where a surface with minor undulations can be leveled without the need of excessive mortar as usually done. Applying the leveled surface with a white cement based render further eliminates the need for any further finishing*

A higher ratio of cement to aggregates along with a specific mix of additives and polymers is what ensures the required strength to hold the plastered surface even for the thinnest of layers. This same objective can never be achieved with conventional site mix consisting of merely sand and cement that is not optimized for skim coat application.

The immense value our product offers is truly realized when you consider how easy it is to apply. Being a polymer-modified mortar with specific high quality additives, the product is extremely easy to work with to the extent it can be applied using a putty blade by a painter! Imagine the pliability of a mortar that can be applied by a painter, which in turn would lower your labor cost right away. Furthermore, the productivity while working on surfaces like a ceiling substrate, challenging as it is, is greatly improved meaning at least twice the area can be completed when compared with conventional means. Add to this that overnight curing is sufficient for CEILINGPLAST – BASE COAT, which means you can finish your project at lightning speed.

After the application of BASE COAT, CEILINGPLAST – FINISH COAT can be applied the following day to finish the area with little hassle. All this with minimal wastage as the product is a ready-mix, just needing water to be added. Elimination of several intermediary steps makes it a streamlined process that delivers outputs simply not imaginable with conventional plastering. IDEAL CEILINGPLAST is an extremely versatile product that can be used on a variety of substrates such as concrete slab, AAC blocks, hollow/solid blocks etc. All this without the hassle of applying any bonding agent or chemicals to ensure the require adhesion.

Forget about the old ways of plastering and adopt the convenient and hassle free experience our product has to offer.


  • Product Versatility: IDEAL CEILINGPLASTis suitable for both pre-cast and conventional buildings. This product can be applied directly to either new or old surfaces of pre-cast concrete, aerated concrete, sand/cement, fair-faced or level brickwork, etc.
  • No Putty or Primers*: The finished plaster surface does not require putty or priming before painting, thus saving time and money.
  • No Wastage:As the product is applied with a spatula, high wastage of sand/cement render encountered in conventional ceiling plastering is totally avoided, resulting in the saving of substantial material and labor cost.
  • Made using Anti-Crack, Resilient Material:Due to the presence of high-quality polymers and carefully graded additives, IDEAL CEILINGPLAST is safe from cracks which can form in the case of sand/cement plaster.
  • No Curing:Due to thin layers of application, curing can be practically avoided. Prolonged curing of normal plaster in addition to being expensive leaves the area water logged and messy below.
  • High Adhesive Strength:Due to the presence of polymers, cement-based additives and thin layers used during application, adhesion of CEILINGPLAST is exceptionally high.
  • 45% Lesser Dead Load:10 mm of plastering done with CEILINGPLAST will weigh approximately 18 kg/m3 whereas traditional plaster at the minimum applicable thickness of 15 mm will weigh approximately 33 kg/m3 – a weight reduction of nearly 45%!
  • Attractive Textures:Ceilings can be finished with attractive textures during application itself.
  • Environmentally Friendly:IDEAL CEILINGPLAST uses products that are all water-based, applicator-friendly and environmentally safe.

IDEAL CEILINGPLAST is an attractive solution for projects of any scale given the prevailing market condition where labor shortages are a striking reality. Our qualified expertise is unmatched in this field and our well-trained staff on the subject is at you service.  Partner with the company that is truly at the forefront of enhancing productivity in the domain of plastering and grow along with us to see the true potential that lies ahead.

*Note: If an off-white final finish is what is required, painting the surface after application of CEILINGPLAST – FINISH COAT can be all together avoided.